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The Red Sea  near Hurghada in Egypt houses a fantastic underwater panorama with beautiful corals and a great variety of snorkeling fish for enthusiasts

For those of you who prefer snorkeling over scuba diving Diving Hurghada is the place to be. We take you on a day tour along shallow reefs that you can easily reach by boat.

Snorkeling is a real fun experience as you discover beautiful coral gardens, passing shoals of fish and clown anemones up close.
If you feel more comfortable snorkeling in company, please do not hesitate to alert the guide on the boat. He will be more than happy to join you and show you the way under water.

Do you like corals and fish? Our snorkel guide is your man!

Between two snorkeling sessions you can enjoy lunch, freshly cooked on board and served in the large salon.

On board you will find a wide selection of lifejackets, fins and masks. Please note that you can of course bring your own private snorkeling gear.
Please respect the flora and fauna of the sea. Please do not touch. Just enjoy it ...

What is snorkeling? We have some tips for you. The key to successful snorkeling is cooling in the water. The practice improves your skills and your comfort in the water.

Make sure your mask fits your face. Hold the snorkel mask up to your face and remove the strap from your face. Inhale through the nose. The mask should seal perfectly and remain without holding it while you inhale.

Choose fins that are tight but not too tight. If they are particularly injured or bend their toes, cramping can occur during snorkeling. If they slip off your feet, they are too big. Better a little big than too small. Remember that they are easier to glide when your feet are wet. To use your fins properly, step out of your hips and keep your knees and ankles relaxed to prevent your leg muscles from cramping. The fins always stay under the waterline.

Practice breathing through the snorkel with your head out of the water in front of the real thing. Put the mask on your head (wear your belt slightly high at the back of the head and not too tight!), Suck it in the face, breathe through the tube (put the mouthpiece all over your mouth, like a football player) mouthpiece and close your lips around it around). Do not bite, just rest your teeth on the bite-things - or your jaw will be sore.

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